Wednesday, January 31, 2007


You know what I detest?? DEADBEAT Dads!! Actually they should be called just deadbeat's, because they do not deserve the title Dad....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Starlight and Funcenters for Hospitals

The Starlight Foundation is holding a contest to give away 5 children's "funcenters" to hospitals all over the country. It is very easy all you have to do is click on the link above and it will take you to the voting page, where it says "get started".

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Weather verrrry cold but still no snow!

Some schools, as a precaution, might adjust their schedules Friday morning. We already know of a few that will cancel classes altogether. We'll start running school closings and delays at the bottom of the screen Friday morning at 4:00 AM.

TONIGHT: Windy and bitterly cold. Lows 5 to 10. Wind chills of 20 below.

Just lovely

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where is Spring??

Yesterday, I was in the middle of posting "Where is the snow"? CA had some and even Arizona!! But not CT.... Well the computer rebooted and I lost it. I would have reposted today except it isn't funny anymore!

Around midnight, my house felt a little cool. Looked at the thermostats and they read 65!! I turned up the heat... No furnace sounds. Not good. So I wake hubby up. Hubby's just aren't so cheerful when waking up to the house being a bit cold.

Called the oil company, they weren't happy we were cold but wanted to wait to this morning to come out and look. Uhmmmmmmmmm, I don't think so. The guy gets here a couple hours later, and by then it was like 50 and the sleeping were waking. Gotta love him for fixing the furnace!

So today I am thinking, who cares we haven't gotten snow, we still have freezing weather. CA and Arizona can keep it!! I just want to know, where is Spring???

Friday, January 19, 2007

Interesting (and reply to Nancy)

Heart Problems Make Up Half of Birth Defect Costs (Udpate1)
By Joi Preciphs

Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Heart conditions accounted for about half the cost of hospitalizations for birth defects in the U.S. in 2003, a federal study found.

Investigators examined hospital admissions data from 36 states for newborns with 35 different birth defects to get the results, published today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in 33 babies born in the U.S. each year has a birth defect, the leading cause of death and hospitalization in children, the Atlanta-based CDC said.

Because hospital charges don't reflect the actual cost of payers for inpatient care, the findings ``underscore the need'' for more studies examining birth defects, including their effects on families, said researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in Little Rock.

``If there's a birth defect involved, it's almost always going to necessitate a more complicated, lengthier and costly hospital stay,'' said the lead author, James Robbins, a professor of pediatrics at the university's Center for Applied Research and Evaluation, in a phone interview today.

Two congenital heart defects were found to have the highest average hospital costs: hypoplastic left heart, in which the organ's left side is underdeveloped at birth, at $199,597, and common truncus arteriosus, in which a single vessel leads out of the heart, at $192,781. Two other heart defects were associated with average hospital charges exceeding $150,000, as were two birth defects not related to the heart, the study said.

Six conditions each had total charges of in excess of $200 million dollars for the year, the study said. Obstructions of the urinary tract were the most-expensive birth defects, costing about $365 million.

Researchers focused on 35 of the 45 categories of birth defects because the conditions should be recognizable at birth or soon after birth, Robbins said.

``There will be further studies,'' Robbins said, adding that the information may help parents and doctors make more-informed decisions about neonatal care.

The study was reported in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

To contact the reporter on this story: Joi Preciphs in Washington at .

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A New CHD Fact

Heart defects cause most hospital visits

Atrial septal defects and other heart conditions account for one-third of hospital admissions for birth defects, according to a new study.

The heart condition, which is a hole between the two smaller chambers of the heart, accounted for 139,100 hospital admissions, the most of any birth defect, said a study released Wednesday by Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Digestive problems like pyloric stenosis, a narrowing of the stomach that causes vomiting, were the second-leading category of birth defects, accounting for nearly 29,000 admissions, or about 19 percent of all birth-defect cases.

The remaining 48 percent of birth defects included nervous-system conditions, skull and facial-bone defects, and spinal deformities.

Hospitals spent $2.6 billion treating birth defects. Half the cost was for heart and circulatory congenital problems.

CHD Awareness Day

People throughout the world are joining hearts this Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of congenital heart disease. On Feb.14, there will be a public awareness campaign to inform people of congenital heart defects. A Day for Hearts is a special day to highlight problems created by congenital heart defects. CHD Awareness Day aims to increase research funding, assistance to support groups, and to educate the general public about the disease.

Congenital heart defects are heart problems present at birth and they occur when the heart does not develop normally before birth. CHD is the most frequently occurring birth defect, and is the leading cause of birth defect-related deaths.Congenital heart defects cause one or more portions of the heart to develop abnormally. Absent, narrow or leaky heart valves and blood vessels, holes in the walls between chambers, transposed arteries and underdevelopment or total absence of one or more components are all possible.

It is estimated that 40,000 babies with congenital heart defects are born in the United States each year. Approximately one million American children and adults with congenital heart defects and childhood-onset heart disease are alive today.

According to the March of Dimes, each day 10,830 babies are born in the U.S.; 411 of them have a birth defect and out of those defects, 93 will be born with a congenital heart defect.

Nearly twice as many children die from congenital heart disease in the United States each year as from all forms of childhood cancers combined. Congenital heart disease is a serious health issue that affects millions of families.

A Day for Hearts was developed to create awareness of CHD and involve others to help increase public knowledge. An international coalition of families, individuals, non-profit organizations, support groups and health professionals participate in the Day for Hearts campaign.

There are different ways to help raise awareness of CHD. Spreading the message via e-mail or word-of-mouth can also be powerful ways to raise CHD awareness. Please take time on February 14 to honor families of children and adults with congenital heart defects and the professionals who work with them, and to help remember the memory of lives lost.

"Band Together for CHD"

Friday, January 12, 2007

From Dan's blog to Karin's to mine The Alphabet

A - Available/Single? Nope!

B - Best Friend?
My hubby

C - Cake or Pie?

D - Drink Of Choice?
French Vanilla Coffee or Diet Pepsi

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday?
My toothbrush then computer

F - Favourite Colour? or would that be color?

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms?

H - Hometown?
North Haven, CT

I - Indulgence?

J - January Or February?
K - Kids & Their Names?
Franci, Mike, Jenn, Matt, Lisa, Kelly, Billy, Carla and Bobby (you don't want me to list the grandkids! lol

L - Life Is Incomplete Without?
Family and friends
M - Marriage date?
May 1st and Kar, do tell your funny story
N - Number Of Siblings?
One (deceased)
O - Oranges Or Apples?

P - Phobias/Fears?

Q - Favourite Quote?
"Who cares?" well that's the nice version

R - Reason to Smile?
Grandkids :=)
S - Season?
T - Tag people?
U - Unknown Fact About Me?
I do cry... I am not as strong as people believe I am

V - Vegetable you don’t like?
W - Worst Habit?
X - X-rays You’ve Had:
I guess the entire
Y - Your Favourite Food?
hmmmmmm, too many

Z – Zodiac Sign?
Libra oh and since these are tag thingies...I tag Jeanne and thanks, Karin! payback's a bitch!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just had to do it!

Yep, just had to do it... lol My kids need to stop talking me into this stuff. So here I am :-)