Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where is Spring??

Yesterday, I was in the middle of posting "Where is the snow"? CA had some and even Arizona!! But not CT.... Well the computer rebooted and I lost it. I would have reposted today except it isn't funny anymore!

Around midnight, my house felt a little cool. Looked at the thermostats and they read 65!! I turned up the heat... No furnace sounds. Not good. So I wake hubby up. Hubby's just aren't so cheerful when waking up to the house being a bit cold.

Called the oil company, they weren't happy we were cold but wanted to wait to this morning to come out and look. Uhmmmmmmmmm, I don't think so. The guy gets here a couple hours later, and by then it was like 50 and the sleeping were waking. Gotta love him for fixing the furnace!

So today I am thinking, who cares we haven't gotten snow, we still have freezing weather. CA and Arizona can keep it!! I just want to know, where is Spring???

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Nancy said...

YIKES!! That is cold! Jessica would be a popcicle if our furnace went out.. a purple popcicle at that!

Glad you got it fixed before you all froze. Did you get a nice roaring fire in the firplace?

Of course our snow is all melted now - at least here in the valley. We can still see some snow on the mountains but nothing like it was a couple of days ago.