Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Bitching

Do you know that once your child is an adult, he is no longer covered on your insurance? yep.

Did you know that insurance is not an entitlement??
sorta, but I am learning.

Ron changed jobs. old ins. covered Matt to 23 while in full time school. New insurance says hell no we will not cover him... due to his history! They are not obligated to cover him, their choice to or not to. So now what to do as we cannot afford what they want to cover him (minimal ins coverage)He can't get ssi. Even though he meets all the criterias.... He can't work and go to school.

I hate life, people and ins companies

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Nancy said...

Jeanne, appeal the SSI decision. Take it to court if you have to. Remember that Connie's husband kept appealing and went to court last week and WON! Keep fighting and don't give up.

There is a family in my church who are facing not having coverage for the child who is chronically ill and the state long-term care program won't pick her up because she is too high functioning. She doesn't qualify for SSI because she is only 15 and they take the parents income into consideration. The mother was told to either quit her job or give the child up to foster care! (the father died and the child gets surviver's benefits but of course it's not nearly enough to cover all the medical care she needs.)

This country's medical coverage is screwed up! Insurance companies stink!

Gosh.... this should have been a post on my blog!.... maybe it will be. ;)

Good luck to you. I love you guys like my own family. ((((hugs)))) to you all and give Matt a hug for me too.