Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

One of the greatest gifts I ever received
Didn't come wrapped with a bow;
But its value was more precious
Than the giver could ever know.

It was a kind word, a smile
And a gentle, listening ear.
It was their acceptance
And the time that I held so dear.

When you feel like you are all alone
In an empty room you can't escape.
Understanding is far more valuable
Than anything wrapped in paper and tape.

What I received instead was an emotional connection,
A lifeline from the heart.
Someone who really understood me
Right from the very start.

Another parent, walking the same path
Willing to share some time with me.
A present so rare and special-
Its energy has stayed with me.

We go through life striving
To make it from place to place
Without really treasuring
The beauty of a smiling face

The release of stress through a conversation
The gift of a shared smile,
Or maybe a late night email
That reaches over many a mile.

That link with someone
Who "gets it" is the ultimate goal.
Someone offering support and a connection
is so very good for a tired soul.

One of the greatest gifts I ever received
Still is a part of me-
It lives on inside of my heart.
Forever cherished it will be.

For unless you walk the same journey
You can not truly understand
The powerful feeling of seeing
An outstretched hand.

The wonderful feeling of realizing
You aren't the only one, all alone.
You can reach out to another
By simply picking up the phone.

Offering encouragement within
The magic connection of that bond
Remains the reason
Why I am so fond

Of someone willing to reach out
To another along the way
Always remember you can never imagine
The power of what you say.

So one of the very best gifts I ever received
Doesn't sit on a shelf for all to see.
It was support from another parent-
Making the same journey as me.

Happy Holidays!

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Dan said...

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year darlin!
hope you have a good one!